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Tibetan Singing Bowl

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Download mp3 tracks - Entire Album ($9.99):

Tibetan Singing Bowl - Entire Album

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1: Gong Meditation  
2: Singing Bowl Meditation  

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Product Description:

The sound of the Tibetan singing bowl is known for its healing properties and its ability to induce states of deep meditative absorption. The hand-made metal bowls are traditionally used in rituals as well as for meditation. The resonant sound they produce penetrates through a meditator’s body and mind, allowing oneself to go deep inside.

This CD features two recordings. In track one, a single bowl is struck softly and regularly, providing a slow and steady rhythm for deep meditation. In track two, one bowl steadily hums as it is played while two other bowls ring out intermittently.

Audio Samples:

Media Reviews:

"The Music For Deep Meditation CDs are wonderful. I played the Tibetan singing bowls in my yoga class during meditation and my students loved it." Alicia Johnson, Account Executive, Yogi Times Business

"A must have for Meditators. The finely crafted recordings bring to life the sacredness and power of soothing primordial sounds."Stress Free Living Magazine

"How much can be written about a 62-minute CD in which a single note is played on one instrument? Plenty. The ancient, sacred simplicity of the Tibetan Singing Bowl is the strenght of this edition of the Music for Deep Meditation Series. Used for centuries and handmade from 5 different metals, singing bowls seem to resonate forever with hypnotic tones from a single gong strike creating the perfect centering, calming call to meditation. Track one, "Gong Meditation," features a single antique singing bowl struck with the soft mallet at regular intervals for just over 30 minutes. Even an inexperienced meditator will feel instantly calm and introspective. The second track, "Singing Bowl Meditation," mixes the same gong intervals with the one of a kind "singing" sound of the bowl droning throughout the track. These warm multiple harmonic overtones are created by the friction of a wood or leather wrapped mallet smoothly rubbed around the lip of the bowl. The sounds recorded in Tibetan Singing Bowl are as perfect in modern meditation, yoga, music therapy, sound healing, and ceremonial purposes as they were in ancient times. Just make sure your store has some comfy places for your customers to sit and meditate when you play it."Randy Alberts, New Age Retailer Magazine

"I liked the way these recordings worked when I actually sat down and listened. This is a traditional approach to meditation music, and the sacred impact of the smooth and tender vibrations is extremely calming. As a recording artist myself, I know what it means to produce something this fragile - a word not usually associated with audio recording. There is nothing but absolute silence beneath the bowls as they sing into your hearts and empty the mind of its pettiness and ego driven desires."Michael R. Mollura, LA YOGA Mag

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